“Index for AZOA-1,” FAR NEAR Volume 4: Guidance, New York, 2022
In the year 2X11, an artificial island nation in the Asia Pacific is submerged by rising sea levels as a victim and consequence of ceaseless climate crisis. Through the format of index, this creative fiction piece draws upon hypertexual traditions to imagine what this island nation was like, what happened to it, and how it could be found.

“Animals and Epidemic Orientalism: Reconsidering the Taxonomies of COVID-19,” FAR NEAR Decolonizing Far and Near No. 8, February 22, 2021

Footage of an unidentified person assaulting a 84-year-old Thai man has been extensively shared on social media platforms in recent weeks. Unfortunately, this is just one of countless racially motivated incidents that have occurred since the outbreak of COVID-19; it is imperative to reflect on the spread of anti-Asian discrimination as a component of this public health crisis. Starting with East Asia’s wet markets and their contentious role in the initial spread of the virus, we examine how animality and speciesism have further bolstered xenophobia against Asians...(read more)

Goat story, September 18, 2018

I was going through my pictures of our class field trip to the Red Clay Farm (红泥乐农场) studio space, and outnumbering photos of artworks and studio projects were photos of goats and pigs. The Red Clay Farm was not exclusively a studio space—the expansive piece of land it sat in was mostly dedicated to agriculture, and the studio we visited only occupied one greenhouse-converted space and an additional small plot of land...(read more)